Happy Report

by adustyframe ~ December 15th, 2016

Our church supports a prison ministry and I signed up for the newsletter. I went to a training years ago–before we were expecting a new little guy.

I received a newsletter the other day that made me happy.

Here’s a short version….

“160 men were seated, the chaplain introduced me and I spoke about why Jesus had to come to die and rise from the dead. At the end, I invited anyone who wanted God to forgive their sins and give them the gift of eternal life to pray with me. I asked them to stand and 10 men did. The next service was 150 men and 30 of them stood at the end. We’re seeing an abundant harvest of men turning to the Lord. We train them to take the good news back to their unit and help new believers grow in their relationship to the Lord.”


It made me smile a huge smile. Chaplains were a big part of helping Lee to survive. How wonderful to hear that they are seeing men turn to the Lord. The good news is that this ministry is discipling them as well. They don’t just ask them to pray a prayer and count numbers to give a good report.



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