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by adustyframe ~ December 17th, 2016

I love reading posts sharing books that someone loves.

I have given up on Oprah’s book lists. They always depress me. UGGGH.

I enjoy reading your posts about books so if you have any recent posts, please link them in comments.

I think that Lisa and I have similar reading tastes so I’m sharing her blog with you. I just started the book she suggested here and loving it already in chapter 2. I don’t read every book she shares but each one that I have read from her lists are enjoyable.



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  1. Lisa

    Awe! Thanks!!!! And I totally agree on depressing Oprah books. Today’s post (linked) has a sweet Christmas book on sale for Kindle.
    Have a wonderful Christmas, Lizzie!

  2. Robin in New Jersey

    I always enjoy your book suggestions. 🙂

  3. Pam

    I agree – gave up Oprah suggestions long ago
    I recommend When Crickets Cry
    And Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

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