Christmas Cards~Repost

by adustyframe ~ December 19th, 2016

Throughout these years that Lee wasn’t home, I tried to send Christmas cards. I wasn’t always very motivated.

Every year they were only a photo of James. My friends who didn’t know didn’t need to know, so I sent cards with no letter.

Sometimes I didn’t get them out. Sometimes I did.

This year choosing cards and mailing them out was a joy.  I used my Shutterfly credit for blogging about their cards.

Sending a card with a family photo blessed me more than I can express.

A man at church said, “That is a lovely photo on your Christmas card.” I said, “Yes, it’s the first time in years we could take a family photo.”

He said, “That’s what I meant when I said lovely.”

He’s right. It’s so lovely and wonderful all at the same time.

Thank you, Lord.


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