Christmas Treats

by adustyframe ~ December 22nd, 2016

What kind of Christmas treats do you make?

In the past, we’ve done lots of treats but James is trying to get “buff” and I am eating low carb. Lee is one of those blessed people with a very minimal sweet tooth. So, we don’t make a lot and we don’t start early in December.

So far this year, we have only made these  low carb shortbread cookies which I think are quite tasty. I did replace 1/2 the vanilla with almond extract and add some lemon zest.

James is an expert at these  “Christmas Crack” candies and will make some to enjoy and share when we celebrate family Christmas.

I’m considering making a tiny batch of roll out cookies so that Nathan and I can have the fun of making them together.
What goodies are must haves for you?


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