A Little British

by adustyframe ~ February 6th, 2017

I think that Nathan and I are are a little British!

He adores Peppa Pig and has borrowed quite a few words from their vocabulary. He uses a torch to see (flashlight)….enjoys going on the lift (elevator)….and talks about tomahtoes (tomatoes of course). He also found a new one called Sarah & Duck about a little British girl and her duck.

I enjoy The Crown, Call The Midwife, and Downton Abbey as well as Jane Austen and many other British books.

Hmmm……..Susanna, do you have room for us? I think we need to make a move!

Do you enjoy any British books or shows?


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  1. Susanna Berry

    Plenty of space…. Come on over ! There is a fellow Peppa Pig fan here ;). Sarah and Duck is lovely too. I haven’t watched the Crown yet…..

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