This Is The Life

by adustyframe ~ February 24th, 2017

I think this a lot.

This is the life.

Having both boys still living at home.

Having my husband with us.

Being able to pay our bills and give to important ministries.

Hearing a little guy chatter all day.

Watching a big boy grown into a man.

Someday this house will be quiet. I won’t be running a high schooler all over. My little guy will be grown and gone.

It will be good to have just my husband and I but I know I will miss these days.

This is the life.


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  1. Barbara H.

    I remember thinking that the time when my children were a bit more self-sufficient and yet still at home were some of the best. All the ages and stages have their good and bad, but that was a favorite time.

  2. Esther Haggstrom

    I think there is something born in a Mom & Dad that they always miss their children. When you become grandparents the same things is true of missing them when they aren’t near. When you are elderly you just don’t have energy for the busyness so we miss them being near, but so glad now days we can easily be in reach by technology.
    God is so wise to give children to us when we are young.

  3. Susanna Berry

    I find I need to keep reminding myself of the blessings of each stage. It can be so hard. But I know eventually the house wool be quiet and despite having the peace I often the crave , it will be tinged with sadness.

  4. Mama Squirrel

    I am grateful for your lists of things to be grateful for!

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