The Long Long Winter

by adustyframe ~ March 29th, 2017

We have had a long winter full of sickness. Last week, James was quite ill for several days and then he shared it with mom.

UGGGGH…….in February, I was completely down for 2 weeks with some terrible thing.

It’s been one thing after another for us since Thanksgiving actually and I am so tired of being sick!

We are super good about taking probiotics, Vit C, wellness capsules, clean water, etc. We wash hands after being out in public and I wipe down phones and remotes.

I have some germ fighting essential oils we use. Collodial silver….you name it, we do it.

I am not sure if our immune system is totally wiped out right now or if it’s just been a horrific winter. It’s hard to say but oh man and I so tired of being sick.

Not to mention my house is a total wreck. Today, I feel well enough to be at the computer for a little bit but I am so tired! And the coughing—–grrrr!

I had a little melt down session in the bathroom yesterday morning because I woke up achy everywhere and I took a hot shower to hopefully help. But that made me feel like I was going to faint. There were tears involved and a few “Oh God, please just give me a break. I’m so tired of being sick.”

I have no wonderful thoughts or deep spiritual analogies! Just sharing what it going on. Thankfully little guy has been mostly healthy with very little of the junk that his brother and I have been fighting.



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  1. Chava

    Have you read up on Mycoplasma? We have been ill since August 2016. Even doctors admit “flu” season has changed. I have autoimmune issues but no way do they cause what I am having. Mycoplasma haa a ton of different strains including sinusitis..bladder..etc.

  2. Barbara H.

    Aw, I’m sorry. Hope everyone is on the mend soon.

  3. DeeDee

    Those times are so discouraging. Praying you will all be healthy again soon!

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