Did I Ever Tell You About The Time…….

by adustyframe ~ April 24th, 2017

When Lee called OSHA for a dangerous work environment? For those of you reading from other countries, OSHA is Occupational Safety & Health Administration.

This was shortly after he was released and was trying to find a decent job. He was willing to work anywhere for any amount.

He found a job at a small paint company.

The boss was difficult to work for and the pay wasn’t great but he and I were thankful for anything.

The problem was that in the paint shop, industrial machines were plugged into the wall on extension cords that zig zagged at knee level across the room.

Industrial machines shouldn’t operate by extension cord, and cords all over the workroom are a tripping hazard.

He called OSHA to file a complaint and the agent returned his call.

He told Lee, “I looked you up and since you’re a criminal, I’m not looking into your complaint.”

I think that I still am shocked when I think about this. He could have pushed or called again but at that point, I think he and I were beaten down and exhausted and it wasn’t worth our energy.

Lee reminded me about this story when there was a news story about someone with a checkered past who was badly mistreated. People said, “Well, he’s not squeaky clean so…..”

The thing is that we don’t intentionally mistreat people or expect them to earn a living in the midst of ridiculous safety hazards. But I guess not everyone thinks like we do.



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  1. Ame


  2. Barbara H.

    That’s just astounding to me. Even the case I think you’re referring to – the man deserves to face charges for what he has done, but not to be mistreated.

  3. Lisa Beth W.

    That really gets my goat! What a blow to the face for Lee!

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