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by adustyframe ~ May 7th, 2017

Spring is finally arriving. We’re still having lots of cool days but there are many very nice days (or hours) interspersed in there.

We’re looking forward to lots of outside time.

Nathan has graduated from a baby pool to one of those longer rectangle pools. Not a huge one but much bigger than the one he’s had. He’s so excited and can’t wait to set it up. He’s going to have to wait awhile longer.

I’m trying to decide what I want in the garden this year. I enjoy puttering around out there and there’s nothing better than a garden fresh tomato!

James got his driver’s license a few weeks ago. His aunt sold him her old car for an excellent deal. He’s enjoying having wheels and I have to admit I am too.

I was nervous about sending him out into the world on his own. There are crazy drivers everywhere! So far it’s been great. I’m amazed at all the free time I have. Phew!!

I can’t quite believe he’s old enough for that though.

God continues to refine us in relationships and that’s a good thing! We’re always a work in progress.

Lee is busy on the road most of the time. When he gets home, he tries to catch up on home improvement projects around here. I’m looking forward to replacing our nasty kitchen flooring–hopefully soon!

I’m still working on my healthy eating plan. I’ve lost 40+ lbs since October. Plugging away!

What about you? Any gardening plans? Anything interesting going on this summer?


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  1. Barbara H.

    It’s hard to fathom that James is old enough for a driver’s license! We don’t have any major plans for the summer til August when my son will be here for his and my birthdays. We don’t have a garden (no green thumb plus too many critters, like visiting rabbits), but my husband is planning to do some decorative planning along a fence he put up late last summer.

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