I’ve Been Sewing

by adustyframe ~ May 31st, 2017

I haven’t sewn since little guy needed a romper a couple years ago. (ok “needed”).

Before that, I probably hadn’t sewn for 18 years. But recently, I found some fabric that made me excited to sew.

So, I made myself a few things and now I’m sewing for little guy.

I’ve been having so much fun (“sew” much? har har). But tonight the bobbin kept jamming on me and I was super frustrated. I began to think I was about to put the machine away for another decade or so, but I think I got it figured out.

I can’t quit yet, I have fabric in the washer for the next two projects for Nathan and James put in a request.

Do any of you sew? Are you making anything fun lately?


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  1. Laura

    I recently brought my mother’s good old Singer home with me from their house (she’s in her 80s and no longer sews) and am eager to get back into sewing. In fact, just yesterday, I ordered a Quilt Block-of-the-Month kit from Annie’s!

  2. Barbara H.

    I haven’t sewn anything in a long time. The last thing was curtains and coordinating pillows a few years ago, before that a sewing machine cover. A little mending here and there. I keep thinking I am going to have to start sewing clothes, as I have such a hard time finding things I like that fit that are affordable. But so far I haven’t.

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