by adustyframe ~ June 2nd, 2017

I was hanging laundry on the line this morning. Lee built me a beautiful clothesline for Mother’s Day a few years ago and I’m so happy to have it.

I was hanging our wash and listening to birds and just thinking about miscellaneous things. But mostly how having time to hang laundry is a luxury that I’m afforded because I am not a single mom anymore.

It’s not that I didn’t ever pop something on our old line before but it’s not the same. It may be a hard thing to understand and perhaps I won’t explain well, but when I was alone even the few minutes hanging a load of laundry wasn’t available.

Could I have made it a priority? Well sure……but everything was a priority. Every single thing that needed to be done had to be done by me.

I had people say to me (about other small chores) “Well, how hard is it to xyz?” It’s not that that one little thing is hard. It’s that there are 10,000 little things and it just can’t always get done or I didn’t have enough energy to take the extra steps. Again, if you’ve never been a truly single mom,  (not  the “I’m just like one because my husband is traveling for work” kind) it’s hard to understand.

I was thinking this morning that every spare minute I had needed to be used to help my son have an enjoyable and as “normal” as possible childhood, chores, paperwork, and earning $ to pay for our bills. A lot of things I enjoy now were just not feasible at the time.

Other luxuries?


*taking time to visit with friends over coffee

*going to Bible study or ladies groups

*buying an ice cream cone without taking cans to the recycling center so we could pay for the ice cream

*filling the gas tank

*having time to putz in the kitchen with new recipes or DIY foods (mayo, yogurt, etc)

*leaving town and feeling safe in my car

*being able to talk to my husband whenever I want to

*having another adult to help around here

*having an income!

My point of this rambling post, is that if you know a single mom, realize the many things you do in a day to keep your home and care for your children and health are luxuries to exhausted single moms who are just trying to keep from sinking. Even if you consider it a tiny thing that’s no big deal.


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