Biography Recommendations?

by adustyframe ~ August 17th, 2017

I try to read a good book or two to stretch my brain a few times a year.

I’m hoping to read Why Coolidge Matters soon….although I’ve not ordered it.

I have a portion of Code Talkers by Chester Nez to finish.

What have you read recently that I may enjoy?
I also always have my eyes open for something to James to read in school. He’s going to be in 11th grade this year… does that even happen?


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  1. Barbara H.

    If you’ve not read Secret Thoughts of an Unlikely Convert by Rosaria Butterfield, that’s an excellent biography. So is Growing Up Amish by Ira Wagler.

  2. Pam

    America’s First Daughter
    It’s about Thomas Jeffersons oldest daughter

    When Crickets Cry

    The Hotel at the Corner of Bitter and Sweet

    All for you
    I don’t have a clue for your son – sorry

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