This Boy

by adustyframe ~ August 25th, 2017

I’m going to have to change the category “baby” one of these days…….

I have been thinking a lot lately that this is the life. It won’t be much longer that we’ll all be in the same house.
For the most part, we have our health.
Life is peaceful, gentle, slow….

We are doing ok financially.

Life is good.

Little guy and I were at the library the other day and he was playing in one of the play centers.
He called me to look at what he was doing. He was building something with cardboard blocks.

“Hey, Mom! I’m building a jail! This is for the bad guys and this is for the police…..”

Yes, this is the life. A life where this little guy already older than James was when Daddy went “away”, doesn’t know anything about jail.

He doesn’t know about trying to touch daddy’s hand through the glass. Or waiting in the jail lobby for them to call our group. He doesn’t know anything about a missing dad. He doesn’t have a mom bone weary from exhaustion and stress and sadness.

In his little life jail is something to play pretend. It’s not a shadow darkening every area of his existence.

I said, “Oh honey, we don’t play jail.”

“Why not?”

Why not…..I couldn’t really explain it to him and I’m so thankful he can’t understand why we don’t play jail.

This is the life most certainly.


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