Things You Can DIY

by adustyframe ~ October 17th, 2017

DIY is not a new idea of course!

I was thinking of some things my sister and I make at home that are quick and easy and thought I’d share them once in awhile.

Sometimes, I think some DIY things aren’t really worth my time….tortillas. It was fun to make them and say I made them but it’s not something I would keep doing.

Once in awhile, a DIY thing is time consuming but I enjoy doing it anyway and so I don’t mind…..knitting.

Today’s DIY is dryer balls. Dryer balls are used to fluff up clothing in the dryer. They bounce around between items to separate them and help them to dry quicker. They can also soften the clothes. This is a bonus since we do not use fabric softener.

I have purchased wool dryer balls and have seen tutorials but never took the time to make them. I found some 100% wool yarn  at the outlet thrift store. I purchase yarn at the thrift store, but the outlet thrift store is a bit dirtier so I didn’t want to use it for knitting.

In the past, I didn’t want to waste good wool making dryer balls so this was a win-win!

This DIY is super easy. All you have to do is roll the yarn into a ball like you would do if you wanted to use it for a project.

Place each ball into a leg of an old pair of pantyhose and tie knots between each ball.

I threw them into the washer and dryer for every load I washed for a week to felt them. Felting is what happens to wool when it’s washed in hot water and friction is applied. (Think your favorite sweater that shrunk).

After washing and drying them for a week, I felt they were sufficiently felted. I cut them out of the old nylons and tossed them in the dryer.

I chose to felt them a little at a time over the week by tossing in our laundry loads because I didn’t want to waste that much water to felt them. If I were giving them as a gift, I would have washed them alone.

I got two balls out of each skein of yarn. This will vary of course depending on how much yarn is in the skein and how large you make the balls. They did shrink but it didn’t seem to be a huge amount.

I store them in the dryer. That’s it–easy peasy.



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  1. Ame

    i’ve heard of making them from old wool clothing, too. so i looked in thrift stores for real wool clothing – not the washable/dryable kind – and finally found some. that turned out to be a big deal in texas b/c we really don’t need wool clothes down here!

    anyway, i washed and dryed the garments, which shrunk the wool, but i’ve never made dryer balls out of them. now i’m thinking i need to pull those out of my ‘to-do’ basket and make those dryer balls! i do have some i bought, but as they get caught in laundry all the time and end up in people’s rooms or the linen closet or where-ever, it never hurts to have a few more.

    need to look up how to do that again from clothing 😉

    Wow now that sounds like work!!! But it’s a good feeling to repurpose things too!

  2. Pam

    I have done some fun DIY projects (and left some unfinished) sometimes I see them and think “or I could go to the Dollar store and buy one of these and call it a day”


  3. Judith

    Thank you! I have some yarn I’ve been waiting to make into dryer balls. This doesn’t make it sound too hard.

    It’s not too hard! Just takes several washes and trips through the dryer 🙂

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