Staying Healthy?

by adustyframe ~ January 13th, 2018

Is everyone staying healthy? I hope so!
We are not….. James caught something right before Christmas and it’s taking it’s rounds here.
It’s currently terrorizing me and I’m not recuperating very fast.

Mostly congestion and exhaustion and lots and lots of sinus stuff—ewww.

We’re taking all our healthy stuff…using all our oils……putting onion slices in the socks (I know crazy but I think it helps on the nights I remember to do it!)….but still it’s taking awhile to move it out of here.

I hope you’re all fairing better than us!


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  1. Susanna Berry

    Fighting the bad health here too. It won’t leave us alone ! Roll on Spring ! Since one of my boys started school we have been getting allbthe coughs and colds.

  2. Susanna Berry

    oh, and baby girl is doing amazingly well and will be one on Wednesday. Where did that year go ???

  3. Lisa

    Thanks for stopping by, Lizzie!

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