Our Little Nathan

by adustyframe ~ February 12th, 2018

Our little guy is getting so big. He will be 5 this summer which is a little mind blowing if you ask me.

He continues to be the light of our life.

He’s very funny–always something silly he’s saying that cracks us up. Yesterday he said he never wants to learn to read because he doesn’t want to move up to the next Sunday School class. Silly boy.

He loves doing art. He is always gluing or painting something.
He’s pretty good at little kid size Legos too and I’m pretty sure he will be into Legos. James wasn’t really a Lego kid.

He likes to cuddle and be pretty close to me most of the time. I don’t mind. He’s my bud.

He loves everything about church (I guess except for moving up to the next class!)

He’s spunky and needs a good amount of correction just like any other kid does though.

We’re so thankful God choose to give him to us.

He said today, “Mom, I’m glad God chose me for you.” I asked why and he said, “Because you’re so beautiful.”

Awwww! I’m so glad God chose him for me too!


4 Thoughts Shared to Our Little Nathan

  1. Ame

    ahhh! what joy!

  2. Pam

    So sweet….it’s good when boys love their mommas
    Our youngest grandson had a total breakdown when they started practicing preschool granduation…….”I dont want to graduate…..I want to stay with these friends forever”
    God bless you and your sweet family

  3. Lisa Beth W.

    He sounds like a fun little sweetheart! What a blessing!

  4. Susanna Berry

    5???? No way…… mind you, my eldest is now 13, and i am pretty sure i discovered your blog early on in his life ! He sounds like a total blessing.

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