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Favorite Verse

Wednesday, January 31st, 2018

  Just kidding…..I have way too many favorite verses to claim only one. Isn’t that wonderful that God’s word speaks to us in so many ways that we can love many passages? I was just thinking of this one today. Lamentations 3:21-24. “Yet hope returns when I remember this one thing: The Lord’s unfailing love […]

Psalm 91:1

Monday, September 25th, 2017

He that dwells in the secret place of the most High shall abide under the shadow of the Almighty. I woke up thinking about this verse this morning. What a wonderful place to be!

Bible Memory

Sunday, February 12th, 2017

In our Sunday School class today, the speaker taught about Bible memory and suggested a simple way to help memorize verses. I need to work on memorizing a passage so I’m sharing the tips here. Read the passage aloud 3 times Write the passage as you read aloud 3 times Read what you wrote aloud […]

Treasures In Darkness

Thursday, January 19th, 2017

Yesterday, in Bible study, the teacher shared this verse. I never remember hearing anything taught about it and obviously when I read it, it didn’t soak in. But I love it. I think it describes exactly what happens when we endure trials. There are treasures in the dark places and a wonderful benefit of trials […]

I Hate Sin

Monday, October 24th, 2016

I’m against sin. I’ll kick it as long as I’ve got a foot, and I’ll fight it as long as I’ve got a fist. I’ll butt it as long as I’ve got a head. I’ll bite it as long as I’ve got a tooth. And when I’m old and fistless and footless and toothless, I’ll […]

Back To School Verse

Thursday, September 1st, 2016

I’ve been praying about a great verse to base our school year on. The other night, I thought of one and then realized it’s a saying not a verse. “To know Him and make Him known” It’s a really excellent sentiment and based in Scripture but I’m back to praying for the right verse for […]

I KNOW Why You Did That!

Friday, January 29th, 2016

Recently, I had a situation with an online points website. I earned my rewards certificate and submitted my order and waited. And waited… And waited…. And waited some more. Nothing ever showed up. I looked into the process to have it sent again and finally it arrived. I put in the free code on Amazon […]

God’s Great Faithfulness

Saturday, January 23rd, 2016

Lamentations 3:21-26 21 This I recall to my mind, therefore have I hope. 22 It is of the Lord‘s mercies that we are not consumed, because his compassions fail not. 23 They are new every morning: great is thy faithfulness. 24 The Lord is my portion, saith my soul; therefore will I hope in him. 25 The Lord is good unto them that wait […]

The Elder Brother

Tuesday, January 12th, 2016

James is reading through C S Lewis’ Screwtape Letters with a group of guys at church. Since I’ve never read it, I decided to read along as well. As I was reading this morning, I read the letter about how to cause disharmony in the family. The demon said, “Remember the elder brother.” Hmmm! What […]

How To Comfort Grieving People

Sunday, November 8th, 2015

The Lord God has given me the tongue of the learned, that I should know how to speak a word in season to him that is weary. Isaiah 50:4 I started a Bible study titled Grace For Every Trial by Betty Henderson a few years ago. I notice that I haven’t finished it! She shared […]